NSS® Charger 2022ABLT Battery Burnisher - 20"

NSS® Charger 2022ABLT Battery Burnisher - 20"

Item # 1552203-EA

  • Bring out the luster in your floors with a clean, battery powered burnisher, the high-speed electric motor burnishes without the fumes and noise of a propane burnisher.
  • Pad speed: 2200 RPM; Pad size: 20"
  • Motor: DC permanent magnet, 24V, 2.0 HP motor
  • (4) 6V 235 AH wet batteries; Run time: Up to 3 hours
  • Drive: Pad Assist
  • Safety switch: Tilt switch prevents operation when the pad is raised
  • Overload protection: Machine controller will protect the motor by stopping the pad if current is too high
20", 235 AH Wet, ea
Manufacturer #6402014

Propane-like performance. A smart motor controller monitors the battery pack and keeps the pad speed constant as the batteries wear down. As you shine the floor, a 99.5% efficient filter bag cleans the air exhausted from the burnish shroud. The pad driver lifts to allow for simple pad changes from a standing position. Quiet enough for day time use. A clean alternative to propane, the Charger battery burnishers produce no carbon compounds while burnishing. Efficient dust collection maintains your indoor air quality.


  • Digital display shows battery charge and error codes, if service is needed.
  • Open the cover to service the batteries.
  • Our meter tracks usage to help you manage your maintenance program.
  • Dust collection bag collects 99.5% of dust to maintain indoor air quality.
  • The flexible housing surrounds the pad channeling air flow into the filter bag.
  • Charge anytime, anywhere with the onboard battery charger.
  • Battery tray with drain collects any spilled battery acid protecting the machine and your floor.