NSS® Charger 1500 Ultra High Speed -20", w/Wheel Carriage

NSS® Charger 1500 Ultra High Speed -20", w/Wheel Carriage

Item # 1552205-EA

  • 29" L x 20 1/2" W
20" w/Wheel Carriage, ea
Manufacturer #5205234

Versatile Charger 1500 allows you to burnish and spray buff. Strong enough to use for damp scrubbing prior to recoating. Remove worn top coats of finish without flood stripping. Exceptionally quiet and super dependable. Available with or without wheel carriage.


The Charger 1500 has an advantage no other machine can claim. It can be used on a polymerized acrylic floor finish reinforced with metal interlock immediately after it has dried.

Because of its light weight. Charger will not gouge the finish or destroy the setup of the metal interlock. In fact, the top film hardens, resulting in an immediate gloss.

At the same time, Charger's ultra-high speed burnishing tends to drive off excess plasticizers, hastening the hardening process and preventing soiling. The new finish can be maintained in a regular manner from the start.

Special Features

  • Increased Power--The motor packs more power when you need it and is designed for long running life.
  • Extra Protection--The motor is protected in two ways; dual rectifiers divide electrical load, and a circuit breaker prevents operator-induced overloads.
  • Easily Serviceable--The machine is constructed so users can do ordinary service right on the job. Most other machines must be returned to a service center for repairs.
  • Added Security--The short fixed handle enables the operator to easily operate the machine, walk with comfort, and perform short-radius turnarounds, maintaining control in congested areas and constant pressure on the pad.
  • 1.5" dia. Steel handle is removable for machine transport and reverses for machine storage
  • Mechanical lockout prevents accidental starts and unauthorized use
  • Dual switch levers
  • Reset circuit breaker protects motor against operator-induced overloads
  • Heavy-duty cord strain relief
  • Bearing is mounted in pillow-block arrangement for low heat rise and extended bearing life
  • 75' safety yellow cord for minimal outlet changes. Cord hook.
  • Structural foam, rigid-back driver is factory aligned to deliver maximum burnishing performance and reduced running amps (U.S. Patent #4,122,576)
  • Handle release lever-up to securely lock handle in place, down to remove
  • Wheel carriage (standard on Model No. 5205234) simplifies machine transport, pad changes and moving up and down stairs
  • Non-marking bumper to protect walls and baseboards
  • Polished cast aluminum base is virtually indestructible
  • 1.5 hp motor for long life and aggressive burnishing


  • Pad Speed: 1,500 rpm
  • Pad Size: 20"
  • Pad Driver: 19" structural foam, rigid back
  • Motor: DC rectified permanent magnet, 66 frame, 115V (240V available), 1.5 HP, 3,000 rpm
  • Current: 13 amps @ 115V (under typical burnishing conditions)
  • Overload Protection: 17.5 amp reset circuit breaker
  • Drive: Belt and Pulley
  • Base: Polished cast aluminum
  • Wheels: Two (2) 5" non-marking rubber
  • Handle: Removable 1.5" dia. Steel tube
  • Switch: (On-off): Dual dead-man levers w/mechanical lockout
  • Cord: 75', 14-3 SJT safety yellow
  • Warranty: 3 year limited, 5 year cast aluminum base
  • Weight: 86 lbs