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Indoor Air Quality Is A Thing

22 July 2022

Everyone has stepped up their disinfection game. Wipes, sprays, sanitizers, and “Microban” protected product surfaces are now the norm. However, most viruses and bacteria are not just sitting around waiting to be picked up. They are airborne. When we cough, talk, breathe, and sneeze, we expel these microorganisms into the air. The HVAC moves the air in a building from room to room, further spreading the threat. In fact, indoor air is 2-5 times dirtier than outdoor air. What can we do to reduce the exposure of harmful microorganisms?

There are several ways to improve our indoor air quality and provide a healthier, safer workplace. Some, such as installing special filtering and UV-C add-ons to the HVAC units can be very expensive, and not very effective. Some air “purifiers” we find in retail and big box stores are designed for home use. They tend to have small filters and relatively slow air movement. It is next to impossible to know if they are getting the job done. When is it time to replace the filter? Where in the world do you even buy the replacements? The reality is that most people do not service the units they own. Consequently, they are not getting the protection that they think they are getting. So… what to do?

Enter Fellowes AeraMax Pro commercial air purifiers. Built to provide happy, healthier, more efficient work environments. These units are the cutting edge in air-care. Effective, smart, integrated, and reliable units designed to be super effective and easy to use. Three stage filtering with HEPA (Hospital) grade particle entrapment coupled with a PlasmaTrue Bipolar Ionizer, AeraMax stops 99.95% of particles as small as .1 microns. So not only are we stopping harmful microorganisms, but allergens and asthma triggers, odors, pollution, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) as well. AeraMax units are designed to achieve 3 to 5 ACH (air changes per hour). An ACH of 5 means your air is being cleaned every 12 minutes! Give us a call if you would like a live demonstration. Follow the link below to view more information.

Bret Wilson