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The Best Soap Dispenser Is No Dispenser!

12 April 2021

Ahh…. Soap dispensers. Broken, leaking, vandalized, or dead batteries, we have all dealt with these problems. What if someone made a soap system without a dispenser? Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to keep extra dispensers on hand “just in case”? Fix a soap problem as easy as replacing a refill cartridge? A smart, sanitary, simple solution…

Spartan Chemical’s Foamy-iQ soap system is just that! Pairing high quality soap formulations with a unique attractive refill cartridge that also dispenses the foaming soap, Spartan has effectively ended soap dispenser issues.

A small thin bracket is mounted to the wall. That’s it. The cartridge slides onto the bracket. A foaming push valve is attached to each cartridge to deliver rich, high quality foam soap onto your hands (the Cranberry Ice is my favorite). Effectively putting up a new dispenser with every new cartridge change.

Utilizing an FDA approved non-alcohol hand sanitizer, the Foamy-iQ system is great for transportation installations. School, and public bussing, and mass transit operators appreciate the non-alcohol/non-flammable, and easy mounting bracket this system provides.

Contact us if you would like to see the innovative award winning Foamy-iQ products.

Bret Wilson


Fort Smith Paper