Mosquito Wet/Dry Vacuum w/Standard Tool Kit/Squeegee-16 Gal.

Mosquito Wet/Dry Vacuum w/Standard Tool Kit/Squeegee-16 Gal.

Item # MOSQ161003

  • Accordion stretch hose eliminates the need to carry an extra hose. Expands as you need it and instantly retracts when you hold your hand over the end.
  • Noise diffusing exhaust manifold
  • Ribbed polyurethane squeegee blades
  • Automatic vacuum shut-off; 27" front mount squeegee
16 Gal., ea
Manufacturer #16-1003

Standard tool kit with onboard storage: 11" crevice tool, brush tool, 10-quart dry bag, 14" nylon floor tool, 50' electrical cord, 14" squeegee floor tool, 56" S-bend aluminum wand.


  • Noise diffusing exhaust manifold. Suppresses high-frequency sound with its noise-canceling technology. Motor exhaust is directed through exhaust grates which redirects sound waves while gradually releasing exhaust. No back pressure is generated from t
  • Our ribbed polyurethane squeegee blades are the industry's finest. Flexible and wear resistant for the perfect combination to remove liquids from the cleaning surface.
  • Automatic vacuum shut-off. Motor failure is never pleasant. This is caused by motors ingesting liquids. Our new magnetic motor shut-off never lets liquids get close to your vacuum inlet. Traditional wet/dry's use ball floats that actuate when liquids
  • Motor cooling fan air inlet.
  • Single latch access.
  • Caster with brake.
  • Molded-in splash protection.
  • Industry first dry bag storage.
  • Skid-plate pedal.
  • Indestructible 10" wheels.
  • Powder coated metal squeegee assembly with ribbed polyurethane blades.
  • Warranty: Lifetime tank, 3 years parts and labor